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Scored a Phoenix Gold XS 6600 for 250$

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Topic has what I got from my neighbor, he had it in his truck for 8 months, I heard it just before he pulled it. He now has a Vette and put some new amps in ( 1800 watts ). I'm going to put this thing in my Corrado.
It has 5 1/4 (Infinity Refrence) fronts, 4x6 ( kicker ) in the rear and 2 8" Pioneer subs in boxes ( looks like they would go behind a truck seat )
HU is a Pioneer 4300.
Will this work OK?
I don't think the HU has Preouts for the fronts or rears and I'll have to use the speaker in on the amp, does this make a big difference on the quality of the sound or should I get a new HU that has 3 preouts ( recomendations ?).
Thanks for your time.
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