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Scratch on bumper

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My wife hit a brick wall while backing up today in a garage spot

Now, there is scratches (slighty white) on the rear bumper. It is not very deep (cannot put a finger nail in it) but it is very uniform (side to side) on the bumper. Is there a magic product outhere that could remove those scratches on a plastic bumper ?

Thank you
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Re: Scratch on bumper (Jn)

Usually, but not always, the only time somthing like this can be improved is by the removal of the hit object's paint. However because somthing took your paint, I don't know of anything but more paint, that will solve your problem. However if they are faint to minimal, some machine "cutting" will remove the troubled layer of paint.
peter takacs
aka Gordon Gecko
Re: Scratch on bumper (Matchschtick)

Thank you http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif. So, there is no magic product !
I will have to live with that or get a new bumper !
Anybody else ?
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