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Scratched Wheels on new Passat

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I just washed my Passat for the first time and noticed that two of the alloy wheels are scratched. It appears that they must have been scratched when the protective covering was removed from the wheel because the scratches are in exactly the same places. They sort of go around the entire wheel. I noticed this at the dealership but thought that it was glue from the prottective covering on the wheel. What should I do? Would it be appropriate to ask for two new wheels? I would hate to use touch up paint on them. I think I'm going to call my salesman and tell him about these scratches. Please offer some opinions.
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Re: Scratched Wheels on new Passat (calogero)

There are Protective COVERS on all Alloy Wheels...they are solid, One piece
White Plastic Covers...Try buffing your "scratches" out with wax...
Given the fact that you bought the car at Invoice, as I remember, I suggest
that it would be a *no joy* experience; complaining about about
a couple of scratches that you discovered today...

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Re: Scratched Wheels on new Passat (calogero)

Same problem with my Jetta VR6 Castellet rims. Both front ones had swirl scratches as if someone had grabbed a scrub brush and rotated it along the rims spokes. Apparently when they removed the protective covers instead of pulling them off they rotated them scratching the rim underneath, however they blamed it on me saying I had taken the car through a car wash and the bristles scratched the rims. The car fell under the lemon law and VW bought it back and replaced it with another VW, but in the meantime I would wax them with Meguiars Liquid Wax and the scratches would lightly hide.
Re: Scratched Wheels on new Passat (AudiNUT)

Wow...Cannot imagine that they replaced the whole car for just two
*bad* wheels!!!
And under the Lemon Laws??? I don't think so!!!
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Re: Scratched Wheels on new Passat (vwguild)

No, you misunderstood the car fell under the lemon law for a recurring transmission problem not the wheels but since it happened rather quickly I didn't even bother with the wheels. Yeah the transmission was what put the car under the lemon law and also the a/c compressor clutch failed at only 10,000 miles and the famous window regulators all went except the rear right door as well as the EPC light going on constantly and the engine had a bad misfire-It was just "Christine" reincarnated into a modern day Euro Car. They replaced it with a 2001 GTi.

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Re: Scratched Wheels on new Passat (vwguild)

I tried buffing the scratches out twice but they won't come off. They actually scratched into the painted surface and alloy. I will call dealer today to notify of problem. Thanks.
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