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scuf marks

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what can i use to get rid of the scuf marks on the inside of my door. it hapes when i get out my feet hit the door and leave nasty marks and the inside is tan
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Re: scuf marks (neal359)

i've had some success with using goo gone to get scuff marks off plastic
buy the sample $1.50 bottles and try it out.
Re: scuf marks (Yo)

Try slippers! Just kidding I could not resist. I have had pretty good luck with 409 cleaner and then follow up with either a vinyl or leather cleaner/sealer.
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Re: scuf marks (neal359)

light steel wool and water. easy on the pressure though.
Re: scuf marks (MikeBlaze)

I've had success getting black shoe scuff marks off the beige interior door panels using a damp washcloth with a little handsoap schmeared into it.
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