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Sister in law's Scion has paint damage due to over a decade of sun and salt water exposure. Over the weekend I washed, did some light compounding by hand with Meguiar's G17220 Ultimate Compound and a micro fiber on the roof and hood and applied Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze. The following day while in the sun the roof developed a white haze. It seemed like the spider webbed paint was holding all the sealant and that’s what was showing. I hit the roof and hood with Meguiar's cleaner wax to remove the sealant and apply a coat of Meguiar's carnauba wax in its place. Upon completion the haziness was gone and the roof looked as expected, toasted top coat, but no hazy. After a few hours in the sun today the white haze is bad and more prominent than yesterday.

All work was done in the shade with a cool surface. WTF happened and is there any way to resolve?

Thanks in advance!

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