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Seat Covers!!

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Does anyone have any info on some decent looking seat covers that will protect from everyday use and repel dirt and water? I'm not talking about ugly sheep skins or Kmart brand. I saw a Land Rover Discovery @ a car show once that had some cool nylon waterproof covers over the leather. These would be ideal to put over the crappy black velour seats that attract every piece of lint, dog hair, wife hair, etc... I should have bucked up for the GLX!
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Re: Seat Covers!! (OurB5Variant)

Whatever you get...do not forget that you have Side Airbags in those seats...
you cannot cover them...
Re: Seat Covers!! (OurB5Variant)

Try http://www.wetokole.com
their seats claim to be side air bag compatible. I've seen them on my friends truck and they are high quality.
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