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SEATCupra.net Weekly Update

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Four Weeks to Xmas, scary stuff, specially if you have kids and even if you don’t its an expensive time of year. Fear not, SEATCupra.net too the rescue, Impossible Performance have sent me an email stating the following :-
“Thinking of give a Christmas gift to all the Seatcupra.net club members in the way of a group buy if you think anyone would be intrested......
1.Oversized turbo Intake pipe & Racing by-pass Valve(suitable for Leon & cupra) RRP£299.90 will take 10% off if 6 buy, 15% off if 10 buy, 20% if 15 buy
2.KKK-K04 Turbocharger (suitable for Leon) RRP£999,95 10% off if 4 buy 20% off if 8 buy.
3.Oversized Turbo Intake & Racing by-pass Valve plus Oversized Intercooler tube (suitable for Leon) RRP £379.90 will take 10% off if 6 buy, 17% off if 10 buy and 23% off if 15 buy... “
Looking for your feedback on this one people, I have created a Thread http://www.seatcars.net/forums/showthread.php?s=5bae109a95c24dd5be8299f973d628b8&threadid=1619 on the forums, just state what you would seriously be looking to buy, this way Impossible Performance can gauge if they can give a discount.
No pictures have been posted this week, again this is because the WEBSITE is under going a face lift. As I mentioned last week it will be database driven making it a lot faster.
I also mentioned an online shop. We have the software installed and we are currently testing, we hope to release this along with the new site in a week or so.
I got no feedback on the “Senior Members Only” section on the forum, I take this as being a bad idea on my part and therefore will not implement it.
http://www.seat.com/ has been updated, this is part of the new Ibiza launch, its worth a look.
The English SEAT site is giving you the chance to win a SEAT watch http://www.seat.co.uk
Bulletin Board Stats (Don’t get offended by those who have a higher post count than you, its just a bit of fun)
1. Flapper
2. ibizacupra
3. Cupraman
5. Mosser
6. cordobabrendy
7. mik
8. djawol
9. Tdi 110
10. BenS1
One thing I forgot, Martyn head Webmaster and all round good chap has got a new car. A lovely Cordoba 1.6SX, this replaced his mangled 1.4 Beezer. Well done Mart, and try not to crash this one
Don’t forget the chat room, manned 24hrs a day by errr us, get to it via the site http://www.seatcars.net/chat/index.shtml or via an IRC client, we can be found here irc.quakenet.eu.org:6669 on channel #seatcupra.net
That’s it, if you have any ideas, comments, moans or groans, email to any of the team.
Cupraman ([email protected])
Martyn ([email protected])
Zboyd ([email protected])
Flapper ([email protected])
Djawol ([email protected])
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