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Well the time has finally come to re-write this thread of mine in attempts to document progress of my work. So far, it has been a blast and a huge learning experience. I started this with all of the required passion but lacking (and lacking a lot) of the knowledge required to have done things right the first time. This was the first time I was able to actually get my hands into something Ive been craving to do for a long time, so a lot of lessons were learned, and I have many more to learn as I continue to move on!

But enough of that and on to the good stuff!

Back in June of 2010, I bought myself this silver Audi TT - an early 2000 180hp quattro.

During the remainder of that year, the car remained stock.

In 2011, the basic modding began, despite my continued ignorance and lack of knowledge over any of the mods I was performing. :laugh:

First came the...cleaning up, if you will. I debadged the car and got rid of the "bling" by painting my Audi badge black.

I was also noticing some wind creeping in at speed and whistling my patience away, so, thanks to Idwurks and his thread at the time, found that it was as easy as realigning the door resulting an nuisance free driving!

Then, came my first "mod" - a custom 2.5" catback exhaust with only a glass back :facepalm:

I went from the stock single out, to a terrible flowing dual tip exhaust...but first, I needed to massage my rear valance to accommodate the second tip

I took a dremel, and cut away!

I wasnt satisfied here...

That following weekend, I got a hold of my brothers friend and he fabricated this beauty for me.

To be fair, it didnt sound too bad


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Continuing on through mid 2011, I undertook my first "big" modification - The suspension. I unfortuntely decided to take the cheap route and bought some FK Coilovers.



Sadly, due to my lack of getting an alignment, I went through a set and a half of tires prematurely. Who needs an alignment after suspension work? :confused::p

Moving on. In June of that year, I pulled the trigger on my first set of wheels

Raderwerks Mten-80. 18x8 fronts and 18x9 rears, et35.

Drove these in 4th all the way home after I got them mounted and balanced. went with 225/40 in the front and 235/40 in the rear.

I have 17.5mm spacers up front and 12.5mm spacers in the rear.

After that, I went through and did some replacing of parts. Got a new side mirror as mine had split and faded, I also replaced the 11 year old coolant temp sensor

Later on in the year, I continue to find myself running over debris, whether it be an inanimate object, or something that used to be alive and breathing. My car happens to be a magnet for this kind of thing. Anyway, due to that, I tore off the OEM spalsh guard, so I got myself a diesel geeks panzer plate.

While I was down there, I took the liberty to remove a few rattles...

Lastly, I needed to find myself a camber solution for the rear, so what better way to do that than with some MadMax control arms

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On to 2012. Not much happened throughout the year, just some typical maintenance and less than a handful of odds and ends, nothing really performance altering.

First thing was getting hit by an old man not paying attention at an intersection. He ended up pulling out in front of me and hitting my passenger rear. Luckily, that damage wasnt bad at all. Just a scuff and a chip off the wheel.

It was all covered under my insurance and all was taken care of, including a replacement wheel.

(the day I got it back from the body shop)

Heres the boost gauge I installed. Its a Revo Technica, one that I personally see suites the interior of the car the best. Quite an easy install, unfortunately, no pics to show for it.

I then replaced my parking bulb with an LED, sadly, it wasnt much brighter at all.

That wasnt enough, so I decided to pull the lights out and bake them. I got rid of the amber and swapped over a clear corner.


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In 2013, a decent amount of maintenance was done along with my front end decided to say hello to its first bird - A Pheasant flew across the road on my way to do some boarding. Im rather glad it hit where it did vs, lets say, the headlight or maybe even go through the windshield if it had flown a little higher.

A piece of the grill punctured a tiny hole in my AC condenser

A few months went buy and I then started to feel a misfire under load. After some diagnosing, I found out it was my coilpack in cylinder one...after I had swapped out spark plugs :laugh:
It wasnt that big of a deal as they needed replacing anyway!

Sadly, within the year, I went over a deer carcass on the interstate. (It was and unlit stretch, it was 3am, I was on my way to work) I ended up tearing my exhaust at the flex joint.

Once spring rolled around, I put the TT down for a little TLC.

A few things were done...

Timing belt
Motor mounts
Replace power steering pump
replace coil packs
replace spark plugs
and tons more that I figured Id fix while I was in there.

Started off by doing a complete emissions delete

Than replaced my really ghetto setup of a vac line to my boost gauge which was kinked in several places apparently...

replaced my super duper leaky PS pump with one nearly new that I sourced out for $20

replaced one of my cracked/leaky vac lines (this one was the crank case to manifold line)

Replaced my dip stick funnel as I most assuredly tore mine apart doing N249/SAI delete

Got a new overflow ball as this one clearly has seen better days and was full of gunk at the bottom...

Got my hands on some VF motor/tranny mounts for $100

and then it was on to replacing my serp belt and tensioner and of course the timing belt job!

This was probably one of the most satisfying moments during the entire time the TT was down!

Once that went on, I took a break from the mechanical parts, and tried my hand and the art of plastic welding. Please dont rail my attempt as its mainly to just keep the poor bumper together, not trying to make this cover look like new... too much damage already done to it to do that...

Anyway, I started by removing the filler plate and the stupid license plate holder and got sanding and filling the holes.

I than got the idea to remove a chunk of already painted plastic behind the filler plate to act as 'filler' to cover up the areas that I had lost of the bumper when I hit the pheasant.

This is what it looked like from the inside. Very messy job on my part, but it holds very well and thats all I really cared about, besides, no one will see the inside of it!

While the wheels were off, I decided to repalace the very low quality hubcentric rings supplied by Raderwerks and replaced them with some billet aluminium rings

This were finally starting to get together though at this point I was waiting on the mail man for some bolts for the tranny mount, oil drain plug, dipstick funnel, and PS pump reservoir...

I also caved and ended up purchasing an 93oct tune by APR second hand for rather cheap
Final list of what was ultimately done
-Timing Belt + all components
-Serpentine Belt + tensioner
-Replaced power steering pump
-Replaced several vacuum hoses
-Replaced manifold to crank case breather hose
-Replaced coolant overflow ball
-Replaced power steering reservoir
-New dipstick funnel
-VF motor/tranny mounts
-Open air cone intake
-SAI delete
-n249 delete
-EVAP delete
-Coolant flush
-Oil change

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Moving on to summer time, I got the itch to see what the TT would look like to have a black roof line with black mirror housings...so what better way to do that than to plastidip the bish! :laugh:

Showing off the smoothness

Fast forward a few months, I ended up replacing the bushings on my dog bone mount with some nicer poly ones, and I began putting together my exhaust project.

The exhaust would consist of a full 3" turbo back with 2 Vibrent resinators and a Relentless downpipe (that I so kindly acquired from Ben. thanks!)

Fast forward about a week, and the exhaust fabrication began...

I absolutely went from a single out, to a dual out, back to a single out :laugh:

While I was at it, I also ditched my 710n DV for a MadMax DV. Pretty sweet upgrade!

And heres a clip of what the car currently sounds like!

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I should also mention, that earlier that month, I had officially paid the car off, freeing up a little more play money ;)

Moving on though, to the good stuff! On to 2014, which is now almost over! This year, I pulled the trigger on something big. As some of you know, I had acquired a AWD long block from a buddy in good condition. I had that in my possession for a while, but slowly began disassembling it, prepping it for the machine shop.

Ive been hording parts for the last few years, and I have now finally obtained 95% of everything I need to complete the build.

And best of all... The turbo setup. I couldnt pass this setup up as it had my 3 main factors bundled into it. And that was The turbo - gtx2867r with the Tial v-band housing, the FFE tubular exhaust manifold, and solid plimbing. Hardly had to think twice...

The bulk of the parts include

GTX 2867 Turbo
Tial .64 vband housing
FFE Tubular 304 vband manifold
AN oil/coolant lines
hargett clamps
Aluminum vbands
Aluminum interecooler piping
OEM throttle body
Tial 50mm bov
Custom 304 downpipe
Tial vbands and clamps for turbo
IE air filter
Unitronic Custom tune for this setup
Deka 630 injectors
Walbro 255 inline fuel pump
Tial 38mm vband wastegate
IE intake manifold

Ill get much more in depth with the specs of the build, but essentially, Im looking to initially break 350whp/tq. Not exactly sure where Ill be with this setup as soon as its all put together as it comes with an plug and play 630cc tune, but Ill be taking proper measures to make sure the setup runs correctly, healthy, and smoothly before I start upgrading. Ultimately, as time moves on, Ill be squeezing every ounce I can out of the build, but again, thatll all come in time.

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Now on to the most recent. Here are a few pics of where Im at visually

A few weeks back, I finally was able to take the bottom end to the machine shop. I have bearings bolts and gaskets coming to start the assembly on the bottom end!

Though on to some sad news... I hit a minor setback in the build progression, as my front end met another bird, yet again. On my way home from a buddies, there happened to be a dead swan and there was no where for me to go at that given moment, so I bit the bullet and went over it (going over several other things and not damaging anything, I didnt think anything of it) well, this time, my car had enough...

I initially wasnt all that upset as I was planning on using that bumper as the winter bumper, but then I noticed I bent my quarter panel and worst of all, I punctured my intercooler...

I ended up having to unplug my MAF and drive the car off boost for the week (total of 3 days) as I had to make it to work, but I was able to retrofit a side mount off a Jetta, though they are a tad longer (13 row vs 11 row that come in the 180s) so boost feels great again!

Anyway, I have this bumper on order, and potentially a quarter panel coming my way soon!

Anyway, thats all I have for tonight. I should have more parts coming in soon, so more updates to follow! :wave::beer:

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Thanks guys. Yes, I have a love/hate relationship with animals. I dont get it and I dont like it.

As for the bumper, its one that I found while I was trying to source a front end after my incident. Its from a shop in the UK. I liked that it kept a rather OEM look but had a slightly different bottom portion compared to any others that Ive seen, so I pulled the trigger on it to try it out. They seemed pretty confident in their fitment, so Im hoping that holds to be true when I get it.

Dark, you are correct. The bumper does not have any mounting holes or screws that come with it, I will be taking my time and placing my own once I get it, though I do have a different idea in mind for fitting the front grill. I may be looking at getting an ABT 2-bar styled grill (coincidentally, it does not need any mounting holes as its attached via adhesive to the bumper)

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Thanks! Yes, Ive gone back and forth to see it lol

I sent you a PM

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I like the way the exhaust sounds. How much did the fab work cost if you don't mind me asking.

And sick turbo kit buy the way can't wait to see that on the car. Always nice to see a 180 shaming the 225 guys

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Thanks man, I was very happy with the outcome of the sound, it was a definite plus! As far as the price, I paid $500 even for it, that was for the labor alone though. The shop owner is actually a friend of mine, so he gave me a bit of a deal compared to what hed personally charge. His welder is actually an aerospace welder, so I would think the welding is top notch, but I have zero experience in welding resulting in an untrained eye, so I couldnt tell you how nice those welds are aside from the fact that they look pretty to me :p

And thanks, Im pretty excited to get this setup going! Im going to run the setup with what I currently have to see where Im at and how things are working, and over time, Ill start modifying bit by bit to get the most out of the setup. Ive considered maybe going as far as water/meth and e85 attempting to run 30+ psi out of the turbo. Only time will tell though. As this is my first engine build, I dont want to get in over my head and get too ambitious right off the bat. I want to take my time, and expand on it as I learn the setup. :thumbup:

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I'm going to have to put a thread for my car together here too at some point...
Yes, you definitely should! Its pretty cool being able to look back to see what youve done (good or bad :laugh:)
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