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Seeping headgasket?

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I just noticed that my headgasket on the pully side of the motor has some black stains on it that look fresh. The performance of the car has been inconsistent: slow to start
sometimes sluggish
occasional check engine light
inconsistent idle when cold (bouncing)
As far as I can tell, there is no coolant in the oil but my coolant does dissappear somewhere. I can smell it when I get out of the car or when sitting at a stoplight. I don't think it is coming from the exhaust. Also the car gets hot when driving in the city -100 deg. C coolant
-100+ deg. oil
I just put a low mileage longblock in it less than a month ago, and suspect some intake manifold leaks. Can anyone help?
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Re: Seeping headgasket? (CannuckCorradoVR6T)

you'll find that alot of VR6's leak from the same side, mine does with no problems as of yet
Re: Seeping headgasket? (capthowdy_1968)

Do you think it is because the oil gets so hot and thin?
Mine runs between 210 deg F to 235 deg. (if my math is good)
Re: Seeping headgasket? (CannuckCorradoVR6T)

That sounds like the HD to me check you spark plug on your #1 cylinder to make sure. That area that you described by the pulleys were the block meets the head is known to have HD leaks. sometimes you will not notice a difference in performance and you gasket could still be bad, Good luck
Re: Seeping headgasket? (CannuckCorradoVR6T)

Oil temperature seems just fine-I've seen 240 on the highway and 260 at the track. I don't think that would be part of the cause.
The leak could on the other hand but if new (used) engine was recent than vacuum leaks are good possibility.
I have 77,000 with very minor seepage-but not other problems. Car runs like a top other than some inconsistent cold idle-which seems most do.
Good Luck!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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