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Seidl Bumper Odrering

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Seidl Bumper Ordering

I was wondering if Strictly Foreign is the only web site that sells the Seidl front bumper? I tried http://www.seidltuning.com but it just redirects me to SF. Any way I can get it cheaper than 500 bones. Thats a lotta dough just for a bumper. Same with M3 side skirts. Any other place to order them through? They are a little overpriced by my guess and the idea I get from this forum is that SF customer service isnt great either.?
Edit- Also I was planning on running Reiger flares, any fitment/flow issues with the seidl bumper or M3 sides?

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IIRC Tuning Zubehor can get Siedl stuff too...definatly try them before you go SF
Re: Seidl Bumper Ordering (96Jettin)
Re: Seidl Bumper Ordering (96Jettin)

bump for before bed
Re: (Severance)

when i search by manufacturer i dont see seidl? am i looking in wrong place?
call em up and ask em. i was thinking about getting siedl when matt still worked there and he said he could get em. they have so much stuff that a lot doesnt get listed on their site
Re: (Severance)

yup, just call em up. talk to garey
Re: (Slap)

cool, thanks guys
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