Last week we posted about the teaser for season 8 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee , and now the first episode is up. Jerry Seinfeld’s guest is a 1977 Volkswagen Westfalia. Oh, and some guy called Jim Gaffigan.

As is the norm, Seinfeld takes Gaffigan on a tour of New York City as the two talk about comedy, life, and that special feeling of vulnerability that you get when your knees are your crumple zone.


As we know, Seinfeld is a fan of VWs, and an especial fan of the Microbus. He owns one of his own, with which he helped his son sell lemonade .

This lime green model doesn’t belong to Seinfeld, but it looks to be a pretty solid example of the breed, if you’re into pea-green plaid, as, apparently, people in the ‘70s were.


Seinfeld says he picked the Westfalia for Gaffigan because it’s all about efficiency. Any time you can fit a kitchen, closets, and two bedrooms into something this small, you know there’s been a clever use of the available resources. This, he says, is like Gaffigan’s comedy, because of his economy of words. And also because he’s widely known to be a family man, and what says family like a Westfalia?

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