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self test swap on V4 vs V10 GIAC

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over the past 2 days, Rich and I swapped chips. my V10, for his V4. and today we have just swapped back. to make it simple..... the only thing that seems to be any better with V10 is smoothnes, and possibly a teeny tiny bit of top end. v4 has MUCH more punch low end and top end. the reason I wanted to do this swap with him is because a question came up whether it was my car or the chip. well I honestly think V4 is a better chip. I'm sure rich will add into this a little bit later before rich and I swapped back to our original cars..... rich was considering changing his chip to a V10. but after I swapped the chips back and he drove off.... about 15 minutes later .... I got a call from him saying that the his V4.... the midrange is much better, no spike, no hesitation, and the boost gauge stays rock solid .
anyone else? also, I wonder..... all of the guys who say that V10 is better, how many have boost gauges? I am really trying to get to the bottom of this. lets all put in some type of input.
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Re: self test swap on V4 vs V10 GIAC (PatAWW01)

anyone have anything to say?
Re: self test swap on V4 vs V10 GIAC (PatAWW01)

I really don't notice a spike with mine although I want to do a requested vs actual data log run with a vag com. Also I like the top end of this chip I don't remember 4 pulling this hard, but it's been about a month without it. Also Pat how much boost are you running down low GIAc says its supposedto be 1.2bar down low and 1 bar up top. Whats your gauge reading?
Re: self test swap on V4 vs V10 GIAC (VWMike81)

I'm not getting 1.2 bar anywhere, and I'm getting about 1 bar like they spec. I just wish I could get a V4 back. I'm sure rich will be posting in a bit. he noticed the hesitation. and we seem to agree on alot of the same things about the chip
Re: self test swap on V4 vs V10 GIAC (PatAWW01)

I upgraded to v10, and I had problems with it. The boost would spike to 20, drop to 15, 10, then jump to 15 in the same gear. Now Im back to v5, all is well.
Re: self test swap on V4 vs V10 GIAC (PatAWW01)

will log mine tonight and report back...
Re: self test swap on V4 vs V10 GIAC (edsgti2nv)

sounds quite failiar
Re: self test swap on V4 vs V10 GIAC (PatAWW01)

Here are my boost readings according to my vdo gauge.
I've done this scenario several times with both chips.
*cruising 60mph (5th gear) then rev matching/downshifting down to 3rd gear*
v10 = The boost would spike all the way up to 21psi then drop way back down to 12 or 13 psi then settle back up to 15psi then back down to 11psi past 6000rpm. Very weird hesitation characteristics. If anyone is running a boost gauge can detect this immediately. If you don't have a boost gauge I can understand how you wouldn't feel or notice it. It happens very quickly and could be easily overlooked without a boost gauge. But there still a hesitation or pause of some sort. Peak boost for me is 15psi
v4 = Same scenario downshifting into 3rd doing 60mph it would spike up to 20 psi or then settle back down nicely at 16 or 17 psi then back off to 11psi past 6000rpm. Lot better feel. Peak boost here is 16psi
Well I thought that it would be Pats specific chip thats something funky going on with the inconsistent boost characteristics. But what edsgtinv is experiencing is pretty darn similar to what Pat and I have teh past couple days. I guess we really won't know until there are some controlled tests or something but until then I'm gonna keep my v4. The v4 is just plain out more fun to drive anyways and with this hesitation stuff on the v10 is just gonna hurt me at the autox events.
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Re: self test swap on V4 vs V10 GIAC (beetle and gti 1.8t lover)

For some reason It seems to depend on the car. I at first was thinking making it was related to teh DP, since pat and rich have them, but john, james, and mike don't. Then Ed comes in yesterday with a similar problems, although he ahs had issues with most of the chips he has had, correct? so it may be sometihgn with his car.
If you look at some of the data logging people have done you can see al ittle spike down low. But even though people are ayign it is droppign off on their guages, all of the block 120 dynos seem to be showing gains across teh board. Of all thecars I have driven with it, I have not notcied any sort of hesitation in the cars I have driven.

pat if you see this, I didnt' bring home any other versions, howver I did leave my cam chain tensioner tool at work ona head, by accident, so I may have to run back to philly, give me a call sometime saturday I wil see if i can grab a version 4 and 5, we have htem both for 08A now and we can do some testing.

[email protected]
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Re: self test swap on V4 vs V10 GIAC (chris86vw)

testing, chris I'll be more then willing to help out with anything.
Re: self test swap on V4 vs V10 GIAC (beetle and gti 1.8t lover)

My v10 is great. All i have is a ITG filter, Bailey DV and a tt exhaust. No problems or surging, all is great with this version to me. Strong down low like 4, but better up top like 6 with the smoothness thats the best out of them all.
Re: self test swap on V4 vs V10 GIAC (bmxvr6)

cool, I would love to test with v4 and v5
Re: self test swap on V4 vs V10 GIAC (PatAWW01)

I think I am actually noticing some hesitation around 2500-3000, maybe its just me though, anyone else?
Re: self test swap on V4 vs V10 GIAC (synthsis)

in case you didn't see it in my other thread:
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Re: self test swap on V4 vs V10 GIAC (John A)

YAAAAAYYYYYYY, finally more people are starting to step up and say they notice a problem
Re: self test swap on V4 vs V10 GIAC (PatAWW01)

i have no problems. i love it.
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