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I had to buy 3 cars as a package deal, these are 2 of the them.

One has title, the previous owner is still trying to find the other title, it is as her husbands car and he recently passed away. The title was never transferred into his or her name so that why she can't just apply for a new title.

Boy he are 5 speed non turbo cars. Currently not running, I've been spending my time on the other cars I bought, and just haven't had the time for these two.

One has 82k miles, the other has 73k.

Both rust free!!!

Both are in good shape. Both cars will start with a little starting fluid, the silver car has a bad fuel pump have every checked anything on the red one.

I'd like to sell both as a pair, the red one has no title and will come with bill of sale. I have the title on hand for the silver one.

Selling both for $1800 obo

Please email [email protected]
I'll be happy to send pictures
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