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Hello everyone, just on here to post up my CTS K04-X Hybrid turbo, it was only on for 1 month before I took it off. Nothing is wrong with it, it actually performed very well and have tons of videos documenting it in action on my youtube channel. Very great turbo and real hybrid entry level k04, it does have a upgraded compressor wheel to a GTX2867r and clipped k04 turbine wheel, people have tuned this past the 400whp mark already. Ive beat many IS38's on this turbo, especially ones on E30 and full E85. Turbo is $2000 brand new, I am asking for $1350 plus shipping. It will come with K04 install kit as well so you do not need to purchase one. Grab mine at a price of a normal k04 and make 50-70whp more than any standard k04 could ever do. Message me with questions.
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