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Let’s start with a light introduction to who we are for those that don’t know. Simply put we’re a group of enthusiasts that have a great passion for modifying cars from the VAG group + Porsche. From simple maintenance and swaps to full out custom builds SEM has done it all.

From one of the first water-cooled drag cars to break the in 9’s in North America and the first in Canada, to an AWD Supercharged VR6 MK2 Golf back in 1998! Back in 2006 SEM brought to the market a product that other competitors have been trying to match for years now. That is the SEM 1.8T intake manifolds in transverse and longitudinal layouts.

With that said and our formal introduction of joining VWVortex as an official Advertiser, I’d like to kick off our presence with an introductory offer on all Longitudinal and Transverse intake manifolds.

Until Oct 31. 2013 @ $649.99 CDN for our proven manifolds + free shipping to Canada and USA, all are in stock and ready to ship all are Designed, Cast and machined in Canada for ultimate QC. All Intakes are individually sealed and then dipped into a tank and tested for leaks through the casting and are impregnated for that extra little step to ensure all the boost is going into your motor and nowhere else. No off-shore castings here! We take the utmost pride in our products to bring you the best.

We're even offering an additional 20% off on our intake manifold accessories using the coupon code below!

Independent Magazine Dyno test on a 2003 20th GTI
  • Unitronic Stage 2
  • SEM Intake - Small port - 60mm TB
  • SEM 3" Turbo back w/ high flow catalytic
  • APR FMIC w/ custom SEM IC piping

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