Porsche has always been and remains very much an enthusiast brand.  Sure the Cayenne is technically their largest volume product, but the company's commitment to models like the 918 and countless 911 variants proves that they still take performance very seriously.  It goes without saying then, that Porsche's presence at SEMA each year is widespread, including everything from the latest race cars to vintage metal.


We figured this year's SEMA would include at least one of the three hybrid hypercars from Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren, and we were right.  HRE Wheels had this 918 Spyder on display, wearing two different sets of wheels- one for each side- which seemed to be a trend within the booth this year.  The side shown above was wearing a center lock version of HRE's P101 wheel design, while the passenger side was outfitted with 501Ms from their Vintage series.


The hardest working rebel-turned-Porsche-brand-ambassador Magnus Walker was also in attendance, with no less than 3 of his creations on display and countless sets of 1552 Outlaw wheels bolted to 911s around the show floor.  The most famous of his cars was featured prominently in the Mobil 1 booth, showing serious patina from years of abuse.  It was great to see in person, and nearly enough to make you forgive his effect on early 911 values.


Speaking of Mr Walker, this BBI Autosport-built 1985 911 with 1552 Outlaws was situated adjacent to his #277, located in the KW Suspension booth.  The car was sitting on a completely custom set of KW dampers and springs, and featured a number of subtle exterior upgrades including a RUF CTR Yellowbird front bumper, the rear decklid from a 930 Turbo and exhaust pipes exiting through the rear bumper.


On the other end of the spectrum was the 996 Turbo nestled into the H&R Suspension booth between an Audi S3, Volkswagen Golf SportWagen, and Turner Motorsport's Z4 GT3 car.  The 996 was not nearly as loved as the other generations of 911 (first deviation from air-cooled and "fried egg" headlights commonly sited as reasons), but these Turbos represent a tremendous value within the Porsche marketplace and have insane tuning potential thanks to a nearly bulletproof GT1-derived Metzger engine.

While these were some of our favorites from the show, there were quite a lot more Porsches found within the roughly 3.2 million square feet of display area.  Check out our full gallery, right here.