Now that MOMO's 2015 SEMA project Jetta GLI is sounding the part, thanks to an exhaust system from Milltek, it's time to focus making the car more dynamic from a driving perspective.  Namely, it's time to address brakes and suspension, with help from OEM suppliers and aftermarket superstars Brembo and H&R.


As one of the most notable OEM suspension suppliers, H&R's Street Performance Coilovers and Sway Bars were one of the easiest choices made by the team on this project.  Most importantly, the same standards that H&R holds their OEM pieces to are applied to their vast line of aftermarket suspension components, meaning the fit, finish and durability are all top notch.


Without much hesitation, the team set to disassembling the GLI's stock suspension and fitting the H&R upgrade.  As with all H&R pieces, the physical installation is incredibly straightforward.  Fast forward a couple of hours, and a few tweaks in the alignment and height department later, the GLI was finally sitting right.


With that out of the way, the team got to work fitting massive 365mm Brembo four piston brakes, and to keep things proportional while still being OEM+, slightly larger Golf R discs and calipers out back.  While upgrading brakes is certainly a more tricky affair than installing suspension, the Brembo/Golf R setup was fitted without issue, and the team reports that it has made quite the difference.  Through use of a properly sized big brake kit, stock pedal feel and braking balance has been retained, while bite is vastly improved.   It also helps that the yellow caliper paint will certainly help to make sure the kit stands out from behind the final wheel choice.

SEMA is now just days away, and the team has a few very late nights ahead of them.  To see additional photos, check out the gallery below.