With summer officially over, and the more basic among us flocking to Starbucks and their local breweries for Pumpkin-infused everything, those of us in the aftermarket industry have turned our attention to SEMA.  This gathering of automotive excess in Las Vegas brings out the best, and sometimes the worst, in what the industry has to offer when cost is no object, and personal preferences vary.  But happily not everyone sees it as an opportunity to cast taste aside.

For this year's event, MOMO will be debuting a face-lifted Mk6 GLI, built in the OEM+ style to showcase their newly expanded product range.  Think of it much in the same vein as the Pirelli Edition's of the 80s, an incredibly sporty take on a Volkswagen product that could very realistically be found at your local VW dealer.


As work is just starting to get underway, MOMO has supplied us with a rendering that we've got to admit looks pretty sharp.  Utilizing MOMO's race buckets, and a new wheel design, along with suspension from H&R, brakes from Brembo and engine upgrades that have yet to be determined (this is just the second 2016 in the country, after all), the final product promises to be quite tastefully done.  Over the coming weeks, we'll follow along as they make the push towards SEMA, and be on the ground to see the car in person when this year's event opens on November 3rd.