When we last left you, MOMO had officially broken ground on their 2015 SEMA project, installing a P3 Cars Vent-Mounted Boost Gauge.  It was just the first of many modifications, but arguably one of the most important due to the fact that in many ways the car will act as a testbed for quite a few components.  But now that it's been installed and the team can keep tabs on their engine vitals, it's time to make the GLI breathe a bit easier.


Just because SEMA is more of a static display than an outright demonstration of power doesn't mean that MOMO's GLI is simply an exercise in vanity.  In keeping with their OEM+ ethos, the firm has chosen to start their power modifications with an exhaust system made by Milltek, the official suppliers of the UK's Volkswagen Racing Cup.  As with all Milltek systems, this one is constructed using 304 Stainless Steel, and comes in quite a bit lighter than the overly-baffled stock unit.  And to help in both the volume and power departments, the system utilizes 3" tubing throughout.



When it comes to installation, the entire process is extremely straightforward, using the stock mounting locations and newly supplied hardware.  Making this installation even easier, is the fact that MOMO's crew has yet to pull the trigger on a downpipe for their build.  If I had to guess, I'd wager that it has something to do with their proposed turbo upgrade.  For now, we'll have to wait and see.


With the Milltek Cat-Back system installed, the MOMO team immediately noticed a nice raspy note that is completely free of drone.  As for power, they claim to feel some of that as well, but the car has yet to see a dyno, so no specific numbers are available just yet.  Still, we're told the system's sound and physical construction both fit squarely into the OEM+ category, which is exactly what the team was after.


SEMA is now just two weeks away, and as you can see, the build still has quite a ways to go.  From the images above, we can see that they've begun fitting a full suspension from H&R, including Coilovers and Sway Bars.  As they enter crunch time, we're very much looking forward to their next steps.  Until then, check out additional images of MOMO's SEMA GLI below.