With last year's widebody S4 SEMA build, Southern California-based Allroad Outfitters set the bar quite high for outside-the-box display vehicles.  For this year, they've doubled down on Audi with a new widebody S3 and SQ5 on Volk Racing TE37s to sit alongside their S4.  But it's not their Audis we're concerned about here, it's their e-Golf.


Fitted with Air Lift's new 3H suspension and Advan Racing RGIII wheels wrapped in Toyo tires, the e-Golf certainly turned quite a few heads as it sat just outside SEMA's Central Hall entrance.  For good measure, the car has also been fitted with a 325mm big brake kit from Brembo.


Aside from that, the Urano Grey e-Golf is relatively untouched.  You see, anytime a tuner dives head-first into a vehicle which has otherwise seen little to no love in the aftermarket, nearly every new part installed is a trial and error process.  Moving forward, Allroad Outfitters plans on further modifying the car, with both performance and range in mind.  While they were quite tight lipped about how this will be achieved, we know it'll be an interesting project to keep an eye on.

For those heading to the LA Auto Show next week, the car will be on display so be sure to swing by.  For those not able to attend, check out additional shots of the car below, and see our entire SEMA gallery here .