The widebody look was definitely a thing this year at SEMA, but very few were able to pull it off as well as Legacy Innovations' Corrado.  Starting with the already aggressive factory fender treatment, Legacy added an additional 2" to each side via custom-made metal flares, allowing the Corrado to have an incredibly aggressive stance, without excessive tire stretch.  And in keeping with the function over form ethos, the car features height-adjustable shocks from JRI.


Moving past the exterior modifications, this Corrado was built with an attention to detail rarely seen on this side of the pond.  Leather and alcantara covered nearly every interior surface, including custom trimmed Recaro Sportster CS seats.  Complimenting the custom tailoring, was machined aluminum accents used tastefully throughout the interior.


While not a perfect build, we do think that this Corrado is certainly a step in the right direction for US-based builds.  We're hoping this level of detail inspires many going into the long winter.


Additional photos of the Corrado can be seen below, and for more images from SEMA, click here .