SEMA's North Hall is a fairly diverse place, where nearly any company that considers themselves under the heading of "Collision and Repair" sets up shop.  As such, it's aisles seem to be a bit less trafficked than the more in-your-face South and Central halls, even though there are always more than a few must-see builds displayed inside it.  Case in point is M2 Motoring's Widebody GTI, which was found inside the Whistler Group booth.


Being in the business of Radar Detection and GPS Navigation Devices, Whistler needed a car which gave off the appearance of a  total police magnet.  In just briefly looking at this GTI with its flared arches, massive rear wing and front diffuser, and bold pink window stickers, I'd say it's a job well done.


We don't know a whole lot about this car, as we didn't really have a chance to chat anyone up about the build, but as far as we can tell, the car has some sort of turbo upgrade from ATP Turbos, HRE Wheels, revamped bushings courtesy of Whiteline, suspension by CKS, and an unidentified widebody kit.  Aside from that, we're filing this car under "missed connections."

To see more of the Widebody Mk5 GTI, check out the pictures below.  For more of our SEMA coverage, click here.