The SEMA Show is certainly no stranger to the more extreme expressions of automotive design, modification and fabrication, and the Bus dreamt up by Utah street rod builders SKJ Customs is one of the more impressive undertakings at this year's event.  Powered by a supercharged flat four engine, the bus has been chopped, smoothed, shortened and manipulated in just about every other way imaginable.


Now before we allow feelings of outrage to permeate, we must admit that this is not an actual VIN-assigned Volkswagen Bus.  In fact, the only VW bits on it are the front suspension, the transaxle and basis of its heavily modified engine.  With that out of the way, the next obvious question is how exactly you'd enter the bus.  For that, SKJ took inspiration from BMW's Isetta, creating a front end which swings out to allow for passenger entry and exit.  In all, we're told it took more than a year to create the bus.

To see more of SKJ Customs' Volkswagen Bus, check out the photos below.  For more of our coverage from SEMA, click here .