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This VDO sensor is "hanging" out from somewhere underneath the air filter and surrounding area and I have no idea how to fix it. I believe it was mentioned once in archived content but at the same time never fully addressed. There is a clothlike material around the wire; is this insulation or how the sensor is actually mounted? (doesn't seem right, but worth asking)

Sorry for large pics, should load fairly quickly as they are on private server. Or just click links to get zoomed out version on IE.



Here you get a better idea of the location of the sensor. Also need advice on where to get E-code foglights since, as you can see, the passenger side is broken. The driver's side is cracked as well.

$200 without shipping at flatoutperformance.com (in Canada..). A tad pricey considering Cullen's headlamps with bulbs and corners are the same price?
Please advise! She needs TLC ASAP...

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Re: Sensor dangling from bumper...? When does it end? (21555R16)

That is your outside temp sensor. It snaps in the little hole under your tow hook from behind.
You can get a really cheap set of fogs, dummies, and turns on ebay for like $50. They are of poor quality, but look better than busted lights! Just do a search for B4 passat, you'll find them.
If you must have the good ones, they are sorta pricey.
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