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Let's see .. In the past two weeks.
1. New R32 Control Arm bushings and OEM fronts

2. New Strut Bearings

3. New front suspension

4. Blown CV joint (new axle is in)

5. Just found out one of my tires is corded and just priced a new set of four tires

6. New antenna (OEM base was rotted)

6 months ago
1. Stage 2 Kinetic kit

But I still LOVE my car with the snail even at lowly 6 psi
- I need serious HELP !!!!!!!!

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Re: Seriously : phuc k that money pit (VR62NV)

Quote, originally posted by VR62NV »
That sucks. All that and it's only a 14 year old car.

Exactly...with it's good modern looks, we can easily forget that these cars are OLD! Shizz, it's half my age and i feel like crap at 31...I wonder how the Corrado will feel then?
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