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A chili pepper and a little gator.
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I found this quite a relaxing view.
Though I did not realize they literally just covered the leaf springs in oil as part of a lube job.

We have better stuff these days (I like spray-on silicone greases), but yeah, this is a thing on some leaf springs. My trailer will go "errr-eeee! err-eee!!" over every bump once the spray has worn off. Sounds like the darn thing is going to fall apart. 馃槀

I really love the repurposing of these old gas/service stations.

View attachment 135982

To this (Mediterranean/Israeli restaurant):
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To this (In progress) (Fancy burger and shakes place):
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and this one (Catering facility):
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These are all in my neighborhood, fyi. Not sure why there were so many in such close proximity.
Well thanks, now I'm hungry. 馃槀

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I picked up four old travel maps for 5 cents each a while ago. New York, New Jersey, and New Hampshire/Vermont are from 1963. Map of the Garden State Parkway is from 1962.

Neat seeing old maps without a lot of highways, highways with incomplete sections, or just as dotted lines and "planned."

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There is a closed retro looking gas station up the road from me. Used to be a Getty about 5 years ago.

I love the design of the building, right off the I-91 / 691 / Merrit junction, so lots of potential traffic. I've always had visions of buying it and bringing back the full service station at self-service prices with Top Tier fuel. And by full service, I mean checking the oil, cleaning the windshield and checking air pressure. I envision lots of neon, a-al Flo's and piping 50s/60s music. All a pipe dream at this point.

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It's a great idea but I don't think it would work today. Gas stations make money off of convenience store, cheap gas is the draw. If they don't have to get out of the car to pump gas, they aren't going to buy a coffee and a muffin.
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