Volkswagen is introducing a new addition to its infotainment system, the ability to control it remotely. Using a WLAN connection, the car’s media can be controlled with a tablet or mobile device from any seat.

The result of which is that people in the back seat can pick mood music without having to climb over seats or other passengers. It’s perfect for families or family planning and available on the new Golf and Atlas.

Not only will passengers be able to pick music from the back seat, they’ll also be able to control the navigation and telecommunications, which could lead to an awkward moment if activated accidentally in the course of backseat activities.

The App effectively allows the whole infotainment system to be controlled from a mobile device. Fortunately, VW has planned ahead for annoying friends, allowing the system to be deactivated by the driver at any time.

The App will only be available in top trims (Discover Navigation or Discover Navigation Pro) of vehicles equipped with VW’s new infotainment system.