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shakin, and shimying(sp)

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i just replaced the rotors,pads, caliper pins an all that. and before i did this i had a shimmy at about 60mph and above. like the steering wheel would make my arm shake. now i replaced the brakes, and its still doing it. any ideas?? wheel hub? bearings?tie rod i dunno????
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Re: shakin, and shimying(sp) (ProjectFoxx)

Could be your tires have a flat spot. Or bearings, or even a tire out of balance.
I'd start by replacing one front tire at a time with a full sized spare. This will tell you either which side the problem is on or that it's not the tires. If it's not the tires, I'd check and regrease the wheel bearings and inspect all the suspension parts to make sure nothing's going out on you. If it is a tire, have the balance checked. Assuming the balance is good, you're probably looking at an out of round tire from sitting too long in one place, locking up the brakes, etc.
Had this trouble on my old cabby, went away when I got all new rubber.
Re: shakin, and shimying(sp) (Ol' Grey Fox)

well while it was up in the air, i rotated the tires. i put the one from the front into the back an viceversa. hmmm maybe have to put the stockers back on this weekend, see what that does.
Re: shakin, and shimying(sp) (ProjectFoxx)

sounds like a wheel bearing to me , jack up the frontend and see if you can wiggle the wheel , it should have no play in it , if it does pull the bearings out and give em a good lookover , also make shure the bearing load is where it should be .
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