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Shift light

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Hey i just got a real quick question. for some reason the shift light in my dashboard never comes on. you think its just a blown bulb or what? thanks.
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Re: Shift light (VW TANK)

do your reverse lights work?
Re: Shift light (PDX Cabby)

yep. my reverse lights work fine
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Re: Shift light (VW TANK)

it is a valid question... there is a method to my madness....
since you have reverse, then you're looking for a blown fuse, cut/short wiring or a burned out light...
Re: Shift light (PDX Cabby)

That light works inconsistantly on my rocco. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I'd really like to just disable it.
Re: Shift light (Giovanni)

Not sure how its hooked up on the gas engines, but on the diesel, there are two limit switches on the throttle (one at each end of travel) that need to be hooked up. Both are in series and both need to be closed to enable the light (5th gear disables it too). If any of the switches is missing or disconnected the light won't go on. On the diesel, the light gets its RPM signal off the alternator "W" terminal. One symptom of worn alternator brushes is a bad W signal which can cause the upshift ligt to stop working.
Again, I don't know what the gas setup is, but its probably similar.
Re: Shift light (VWCaddy)

on the rabbits, the upshift light is part of the reverse switch thing on the tranny. If that switch doesn't work (as seen by lack of reverse lights) the upshift lights won't work. If that is OK, next logical steps are the fuse and then the wiring and then the bulb...
Re: Shift light (VW TANK)

As I recall the upshift indicater has it's own relay.....#5 I think. I pulled mine so i wouldn't have to see it. You might check if your relay is kosher.
Re: Shift light (Lunitixx)

do you have a gti?? the shift lights are unoperational on GTI's.
Re: Shift light (GoFastChickenwing)

ive got myself a diesel
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