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Shifter Boot Removal

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I'm not sure if this where this belongs. However here's a brief question: how can I remove the boot from the OEM shifter?

I have the VW brushed aluminum shift knob and I have also uninstalled the OEM knob/boot (per the instructions on vwmafia.net) but nowhere did I find out how to remove the stock boot to use with the aluminum knob. Can this be done?
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Re: Shifter Boot Removal (idburns)

Just another question, though. I tried like hell last night to pull off the black clip off (http://vwmafia.net/~gtimatador/PIC00010.JPG), to no avail. Should I "persuade" it a little with a small flat screwdriver? Or should it be quite hard to pull off?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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