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shifting rod question

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ok i took off my boot as i try and repair my car and i notice that my shift rod is a little bit higher than normal or maybe its just me. my question is could i remove it and chop some off the bottom so its shorter? i don't wish to invest in a short shift kit at the moment because i'm trying to replace my stolen audio equipment.
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Re: shifting rod question (atac)

At the bottom of the shifter, there is a ball attached that fits into a socket for the shift linkage.
You can shorten the shifter, but just cut the top off of it, re-thread the shaft, and thread the shifter ball back on.
I took about 2.5" off of the top of my shifter inside, then you run a M12x1.50 die over the remaining shaft to cut new threads into it, and stick the shifter knob back on.
Use a regular pipe cutter to cut the shaft off, which you can buy at about any hardware store. It'll make a nice straight cut.
If you use an aftermarket shift knob, with the little grub screw in the side, you don't even have to re-thread the shifter...and if you do, hold the base of it with vise grips and a rag to keep excess torque from being transmitted into the linkage while you cut the new threads into the shaft

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