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I'm not specifically looking for a Q7, but a decent sized luxury SUV with plenty of power in the under $20k range. I've been shopping multiple brands and as of now, I'm really interested in two.

A 2012 Q7 TDI with 84k miles. 2 owner car originally from California. I am concerned with the emissions deal and longevity of the TDI. I love diesel vehicles but worry about them in small passenger vehicles. I have them in all my trucks for the last 10 years.

The other is a 2013 Mercedes ML550 with a bi-turbo v8 gas motor. Really slick vehicle with a ton of power. A bit cheaper, similar miles and newer than the q7, but the reliablility is going to be that of a typical mercedes which is my concern.

I didn't come here for mercedes info unless someone knows them real well. But what about the Q7? And the TDI at that point? What about the whole diesel thing with VW a few years back?
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