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Will have pics upi within the next few days. Its just a ton of parts!!!
1990 G06 Corrado-Black, 5spd, tan leather 150K. needs windshield and dent pulled from fender on drivers side. Engine and tranny are currently out going in within the next 2 weeks

Feeler- 93 Audi 90 cs Quattro Black, 5spd, and Tan leather. 127k.

I just replaced the ignition switch, starter, alternator, fuel pump, fuel pump relay, plugs, wires, new rear pads, front control arm bushings, strut bearings, and rear wheel bearings

G60 Engine-
1-Locked up PG bottom end(rods and crank still good, broken rings)
1-PG long block less accessories(needs a valve job) around 86K on it
2-G60 fleywheels( one with 35k old clutch and pressure plate)
2-G60 cams both with approximately 75-80K on them
1-G60 custom cat back exhaust with no resonator and a dual tip DTN style muffler
2-Hollow G60 Cat converters
1-G60 valve cover
1-G60 Intercooler
1-G60 Automatic TB with TPS
4-Digi injector cups(NEW)
1-BBM RSR outlet kit(like new)
1-Neuspeed gladder inlet(less filter)
1-Eurosport race header with O2 bung,was crarcked(has since been repaired and reinforced)

1-ABA long block less accessories approximately 87K on it

Audi AAH V6 and Quattro parts
1-AAH V6 engine complete less accessories with approximately 75K
1-5spd Quattro tranny out of a 94 Audi 90 CS quattro approximately 75k with clutch and flywheel

MISC Engine-
1-16V upper intake manifold with TB
1-OBDII VR6 valve cover(aluminum)80% polished
1-Remains of a 16v top end rebuild kit
1-16v passat straight through resonator
1-New MAF with housing for any 99and up 1.8T
2-OBDII VR6 coilpacks(used, sealed with silicone)
1-OBDII MAF housing
1-Eaton M90 supercharger with outlet
1-Toyota All-trac A/W IC setup
12- 3" 90* polished mandel bend Aluminum elbows
18-3" Silicone couplerswith hose clamps
1-140* 3" silicone elbow
1-3"-2.5" silicone adapter
Randon silicone couplers
Random 2-4 inch piping

Misc engine and car wiring harnesses.
DIG2 engine harnesses and ECU

Corrado parts-
1-Reiger 3 slat grille with integrated eybrow
1-RS G60 bumper(fiberglass)
1-RS VR6 bumper(fiberglass)
2-Stock G60 front bumpers
1-Rear G60 bumper
1-Set of G60 Euro Lights
1-Set G60 amber turns
1-Bonrath Cup spoiler(fiberglass)RARE
1-Yellow G60 drvers fender(freshly painted)
1-Yellow G60 Hood(freshly painted)
1-Black G60drivers door with glass and regulator
1-Black G60 pass door with glass and regulator
Both sides rear 1/4 glass
1-Black hatch with glass(no spoiler setup)
Both sides rear seatbelt assemblies
Driver and pass Auto seatbelt Assemblies
1-Set windshield trim
1-Black G60 Dash shell
1-Set of g60 dash plastic(painted silver)
1-Set heater controls
1-Shift surround with Yellow leather shift boot and shift lock
1-Complete G60 rear beam
1-Set G60 control arms
1-Rear G60 subframe
1-Front subframe
1-G60 steering rack with lines
Both sides tierod assemblies
1-Shift box with cables and pedal assembly

92 Passat-
1-Complete blue interior
1- blue dash shell
1-Set heater controls
1-Complete rear beam
1-Rear subframe
1-Steering rack with lines
1-Pass side control arm
Complete set steering knuckles with rotor and calipers
Drivers and Pass side window glass
Pass frnt anf rear doors Steel Blue
1-Trunk lid with spoiler Steel Blue
1-Rear bumper Steel blue
1-Fuse box
1- Guage cluster with 130K
Rear window glass

1 Set of 4 ADR concept wheels 17x7 with 200 mile old Toyo Proxes Fz4
1-Set of 4 Snow Flakes with good Dunlop 195/55-14
1-16x7.5 Borbet Type T

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Re: Shot in the dark but. All this in trade for Nice VR? Preff Black (techvento)

Sorry, I have been a lil slow gettin back to people. I been crazy busy with my house. As of now I think the Audi is sold. I am holding off on all the Raddo goodies till I get cash in hand for the Audi. I will be keeping enough parts to build the one Raddo, All the rest is up for sale.

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Re: Shot in the dark but. All this in trade for Nice VR? Preff Black (techvento)

As of now the Audi is sold. Waiting for cash and pick up on Saturday. If it goes through the black Raddo stays and all parts needed to build it back up. rest is for sale still. Will have list of wut is still for sale on Sat.
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