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Should I buy a fox...

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I'm rackin my brain out on this... (knowing me I'll endup getting the car)
A guy here in town, wants to trade stuff for his project fox which he lost intrest in.
Finding the stuff for the trade isn't hard for me to do ;-)
The drive line is good, the car has been strenthend, new fuel tank and rear lights.
There is body work to be done on it. I would have to replace the rear doors (currently working on a just keep on walking deal with a local wrecker)
I am considering taking the car to my old highschool and getting them to patch and weld, save the rest of the work for me.
Time is not an issue to me with this car, (88 Fox GL) the rust is in the comon areas for a dub, the areas below the doors, the rear fenders, holes going in to the trunk from the back of the car. Really the car is in good shape infront of the rear doors.
So is it worth my effort to save this VW? I realize I wont get what I put in it back.
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Re: Should I buy a fox... (zoinks208)

its always worth saving a dub
but if you can get the work done cheap/free(even better) go for it. My car is getting painted at my local tech school for free at the end of the year as part of there projects. Works out good that way, and all the other little parts are always cheap from junkyards because there is always an abundance of foxs in the yard. I have rust in a few spots myself. my passenger side fender, passenger side rear door at the bottom and a giant hole in my truck where the spare tire used to be
But, like i said, if you have the resources to get it done, i say go for it!
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Re: Should I buy a fox... (vwcabby)

What a biased forum to ask if you should save a Fox!
But honestly, you are right when you say you will never get back what you put into it. Of course, I want to get a wagon in the springtime, and I know that things will go wrong with it - but thats part of the fun. I say go with it! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Should I buy a fox... (LilBlkCL)

I know its a biased place to ask that hehe

Just coninplating if its worth my time... I really like the look of a 2dr wagon fox (like this one http://www.lunaticfringe.org/vwfox/mod/FoxWagon-dualrounds1.jpg), and this is a 4dr GL.
For some reason sporting up a fox has more appleal then sporting up my jetta. I guess its cuz its not the trendy thing todo.
Dang it I should just get the fox instead of sitting here continplating all the things I have planed out to do to it.
So what is better in a fox...
or Digifant from an A2? (the platform I know best)
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Re: Should I buy a fox... (zoinks208)

Just get the Fox!

1988 Canadian Fox will have CIS-E, which is good enough, unless you plan on doing things crazier than a 2.0 8v. Fox Digifant sucks, because it has no knock sensor, and therefore no chip available.
(VWoT in the house!)
PS. Make the trek to Mississauga and buy my wagon! I might consider trades too...
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Re: Should I buy a fox... (VW Fox)

quote:[HR][/HR] Fox Digifant sucks, [HR][/HR]​
I gotta say, I never thought I would hear you putting the smackdown on Digifant, bro. Rough night???
Re: Should I buy a fox... (VW Fox)

1988 Canadian Fox will have CIS-E
Unless it is an early 1988, then it will have CIS. The easiest way to tell is to look at the instrument cluster(unless modified). If it is CIS-E it will say on the bottom of the tach/clock "LEADED FUEL ONLY". The CIS don't have this. There is some way to tell by looking at the fuel distribution unit, but the CIS and CIS-E are so close that it is hard to tell
Re: Should I buy a fox... (dtompsett)

I wanna add to this thread and seek some advice. I have a 90 Fix with some problems and as much as I love it- fixing EVERYTHING that needs attention is gonna make me poor. And on top of that it was in an accident recently and the rear quarter panel of the unibody is in desperate need of bodywork as well as a new paint job.
Dilemna is, the other day I saw a 91-93 2-door Fox in WHITE. I absolutely love the look of a white fox, especially compared to my Gold model. Plus its a 2-door which I want. I want to go look at it upclose. I'm thinking since its a GLS it could very likely have a 5-speed correct, as well as a sunroof? I'm not fully educated on all the model year specs as I pretty much only bothered to learn everything bout my specific fox. I know it will have digifant which I hear bad things about but it also excites me because I know it has a larger TB and manifold, as well as the capability of mounting a MAF sensor bracket and use a K&N cone. I am drooling as I type this and think about that beautiful white fox sitting in some dinky car lot.
I am assuming its probably a 93 since the paint look awfully bright and also since 92 was the rarest (lowest selling) year I have heard. So what price is good, as long as it has less than 150K and seems to be in good condition?
At the moment I may only have access to a couple hundred dollars but I might also be selling my drum kit and hopefully getting 1000 out of at least a portion of it.
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Re: Should I buy a fox... (92foxrox)

Well, I do own a Digifant Fox, and it is pretty quick, but from a tuning standpoint, there's not much you can do on a Digifant Fox, right? For more fuel you can add the 4.0bar FPR and/or G60 injectors. But as far as advancing the ignition timing, the Digifant ECU will fiddle with them itself anyway, so not much help there. When my Fox was at 12deg BTDC it ran weird (randomly erratic idle, etc.); I moved it down to 8deg BTDC (the specs for the car are 6 +/- 2deg), and it ran better. And I have no idea how to set my idle CO% without the CO tube. The MAF spring tweak didn't seem to help that much, neither did the cone filter. If we had a Golf/Jetta Digifant setup, we could safely advance the ignition timing (due to a knock sensor), and also have access to chips that would fiddle with air/fuel ratio and other settings. I'm not giving up on the Fox Digifant system, just saying that you will hit a wall eventually, compared to using CIS/CIS-E or a non-Fox Digifant setup.
CIS vs. CIS-E: I don't know if it's my excellent attention to detail, but there are very easy ways to tell apart CIS from CIS-E. CIS has the warmup regulator (or whatever it's called) bolted to the engine block with 2 fuel lines going to it, and CIS-E has a fuel pressure regulator on the airbox.


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Re: Should I buy a fox... (VW Fox)

Thanks for your perspective adam. I actually went and looked at it today. It is in fact a '93 and the body and paint is immaculate. I took it for a spin and instantly fell in love with the Fox 5-speed (I'd never driven one before) and overall the car handled very tight. I did however notice it shaking quite a bit when I braked hard, so I think something is messed up in the front; possibly a warped rotor? And the tires were in bad need of replacing as well as balancing because I could hear them whirring away and starting to act shaky at 55+ speeds.
They want 3000 for it. It only has 56K miles on it and the AC still blows ICE cold. Very important here in central Florida.
I just dont know if it is worth this much. I only paid 1000 for my '90 GL with 116K on it.
Re: Should I buy a fox... (VW Fox)

Plus CIS fuel distributors are black and CIS-E fuel distributors are silver.
Anyone done a conversion to A2 Digifant? Most of the ciruits are the same, shouldn't be too hard...other than coming up with donor parts.
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Re: Should I buy a fox... (tscot)

that actually might be a worthwhile conversion just for the chip factor. and really it couldn't be that hard and the parts are adbundance in the junkyards. hmm, well, i have cis-e i think. Adam has me all confused now.
Re: Should I buy a fox... (vwcabby)

guy is parting out his engine conpartment. someone should buy the digifart wiring harness and ecu and hook it upto their fox and see what the results are.
Re: Should I buy a fox... (vwcabby)

That is something I've been thinking of - switch to Digifant off another VW. Haven't done enough research to see how easy it is. I'd imagine that the plug for the ECU would have the inputs/outputs in the same spots, right? (They wouldn't have engineered a whole new ECU from scratch, I don't think.) Except that it would be missing the knock sensor input? If this is true, would it mean that all we'd need is the new Digifant ECU, the knock sensor and just to splice in the knock sensor wire(s)? I am quite lazy and don't feel like replacing the entire wiring harness just yet. A friend of mine picked up a complete Digifant setup from a junk yard for less than $150 CAD, I believe. Would one of those "Bosch Fuel Injection Systems" books have pinouts and other detailed info about the Fox and Golf/Jetta setups?
My intent wasn't to confuse:
CIS = Canadian only, 1987 and some early 1988 cars had it.
CIS-E = all 1987-1990 USA cars had it, and 1988-1990 Canadian. See pictures above.
1991-1993 = Digifant [compared to above pictures, it doesn't have the braided fuel lines, and the airbox says "FUEL INJECTION" on top]
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Re: Should I buy a fox... (VW Fox)

Sounds like an excellent plan Adam. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
I must admit it would be very convenient for the rest of us for you to forge the way.

Relative to: "Would one of those "Bosch Fuel Injection Systems" books have pinouts and other detailed info about the Fox and Golf/Jetta setups?" I'll see what I can come up with.
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