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should i get brullen?

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should i get the brullen 2.5 turbo back? it seems like a good system with hf cat and a resonator with your choice of tips. is there any opinions on if i should get this system or not?
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Re: should i get brullen? (blueabdjetta)

how much is the full setup?
Re: should i get brullen? (Derek Jones)

i think i might get it for under 900 possibly for everything
Re: should i get brullen? (blueabdjetta)

For the value, quality of the exhaust, and the price...you can't go wrong.
Negotiate with Richard the owner of Brullen...you can probably pay less than $900 for the complete turbo-back stainless steel system
Re: should i get brullen? (santa's 1.8T)

i hope so too.
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