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Well i did it again, i got in over my head i took over a job someone else started. Well here's my predicament.
The kid did a auto to manual swap in a 96 cabrio.
The donor car was a 97 gti.
I told him to swap in the whole thing motor and tranny and i would rewire the auto harness for him, and he did just that, well he didn't follow my directions exactly. the one thing i didn't tell him to do was rip the engine bay harness out of the cabrio and put the one out of the golf in. He ended up scrapping the golf and got stuck with rewiring the harness into the fuse box. Well you can guess what happened, he didn't know what he was doing. After a few months he gave me a call and dumped this car on me. Ive pretty much got everything done, except I'm stumped as to where to plug in the starter plug into the alarm and where does the plug from the alarm go into the fuse box to give power to the solenoid. There's no direct plug from the ignition switch to the starter it goes into the fuse box, and I'm assuming there's another harness that plugs into the alarm which then actuates the starter.
If anyone has any pictures of how its supposed to be wired or point me into the right direction i would appreciate it.
It would save me the trouble of ripping my dash apart to see how its wire.


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