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show me some nice headlight treatments!

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Okay, so I've given up on trying to find a single round conversion for the A3. It seems that it's not made, and that's probably because it wouldn't look good anyway. So now, I don't know what headlight conversion to go for. It'll be my first cosmetic mod (other than springs, but that's kind of performance related), so I want it to count.
I'm not too hot on dual rounds, but the vento front looks dope, and the MK4 conversion looks pretty good too I guess. So if you've got pics of nice headlight/grill jobs, then put them here and help me out if you can, thanks. Of course, your opinions are always appreciated.
Oh yeah, I want the headlights for my 97 GTi VR6. It's black.
Patriots just scored a TD. Damn them.
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Re: show me some nice headlight treatments! (iamdoingthat)

hella smoked dual rounds, mattig golf badgeless in sig. People still ask me all the time what the grill is.
the current one is cracked, but I have a new one. Just gotta pick it up from the paint guy.
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