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show me your sound systems

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ok i saw a post like this one and now i cant find it anywhere. so lets start a new one i want to see your custon stereo setups. subs, headunits, speakers,tvs, what ever you have.
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Re: show me your sound systems (gti337racer)

not in my car yet. But gives you an idea of what i'm doing:
eclipse 8052
Focal Polykevlar 165k
Zapco ag350
Zapco ag360
A/D/S 310.rs2
It should be good enough for me
All in a custom false floor trunk. Nothing tooooo show worthy..but looks better than just a box/amps thrown in the trunk with all that damn wiring
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Re: show me your sound systems (Str8desi84)

cool i have 4 10'' eclipse subs sitting in my trunk right now waiting to get installed. cant wait mine should be show worthy. im hopeing
Re: show me your sound systems (gti337racer)

here are the two recent topics which have pics of sub&amp setups:
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