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To start, I've got a 2013 A4 manual transmission and have had it for 2 years problem free. On Monday I put some 19" OEM Peelers (previously had 19" rota replicas) and the drive is quite smooth/nice. When leaving the shop, the car felt very sluggish and I just figured maybe it had to do with the weight of all the old wheels in the car. Not long after throwing them on, I got a CEL (which may be completely unrelated but at this point I have no idea). Later that night, when driving I started to feel a bit of a 'shutter' in 1st and 2nd gear when I give it a bit of of a push as I reach around 3k rpm. the rest of the gears are totally fine and I don't feel it if I drive softer though.

I went the next day to get the car scanned and it had a few codes that could have been there for a few years so we cleared the codes and nothing has come back yet since.

Maybe stupid, but could this be simply the weight of the wheels?

Please help!
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