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Ok I still have payments to make on my jetta...
and its not a whole lot left, be over quicker if i was employed steadily.
But i have a problem..i am just in love with the GTI
its so sweet..i know its 2 doors less...same engine (1.8T) but its so sweet looking...with the kits I've seen and all...mmmm
Am I crazy for wanting one? or crazy yet to trade in my jetta on one in a year?
I didn't like them at first but now
I love 2 doors..and yea its smaller than what i have but looks sooo mean...
I know i could probably find an 01 still on the lot somewhere next year with low mileage..or even an 02.
I just don't wanna keep swapping cars every year..that'll get old.
Advice? Suggestions?
To all you GTI owners.. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif I envy you
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Re: Sigh (W0lfsburg4)

i just bought a 2001 matchstick red GTi GLX. Had about 150 miles on her when i bought her, and there was one more on the lot JUST like mine. Charles Maund Imports in Austin tx. Don't know if that helps or not, and i don't think you're crazy

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Re: Sigh (W0lfsburg4)

I was looking for a GTI then noticed a Golf GLS 1.8T in the showroom. It's a 2000, had 400 miles, last day of August 2001, out the door for $15four.
while we were looking for the owners manual, I asked the sales manager if this was the oldest "new" car he had, and no, they even had a couple of '99s left.
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Re: Sigh (W0lfsburg4)

I'm in the same position as you, except that I have a GTI and I love the jetta. Mine is paid of and I'm waiting for the new vr6 to sell my 1.8T.
Re: Sigh (green01GTI)

Jetta owners don't feel like i hate you or anything, I gave up my Passat for a Jetta and i had sooooo many mods planned for the jetta.
I do love it, good power, nice design minus a few squeeks.
I just wonder if my dealership is gonna not let me trade in another car for another? I know they really can't stop me but maybe it would get on their nerves.
Man I sat here all this morning going through pages looking at gtis.
I would almost go for a 4 door golf...but i figure...bah..i only have one friend in town...and one g/f so 2 doors is plenty.
My friends are gonna like freak if i get ANOTHER VW...
ah well... going to drool on over to 1552 design.
Happy Modding
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Re: Sigh (W0lfsburg4)

You've already got the 1.8t, stick with the Jetta for a while. You'll just get screwed out of money that you could use to mod it if you trade it in on something else.
I've seen some amazing looking GTI's, but just as many amazing Jettas. They're a nice looking car, and you get two extra doors to take friends along in. Just hang on to what you've got now, and mod the hell out of it.
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