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This a question regarding a tune up for my car that I just got.
Ok, I need to get my car running as good as it is possible.
I just got it, and I have already done a few small upgrades/tune ups.
- New Cap/Rotor for distributor
- New plug wires
- New plugs
- wiring covers
- K&N Air Filter
- Cleaned out ISV
What other things should I consider?
I am making a list of things I should do.
I know i need to get a timing belt soon, and my battery is slowly getting down there. But besides that, I cant think of much else. How about oil or gas additives? Transmission fluid? I heard it doesn't need to be done on the Manuals, but is it suggested? Fuel Filter? Can't think of much else.
Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Simple Question (Moosar)

I always flush and refill the brake fluid. It did wonders on some of the cars I bought.
Flush/refill coolant, if you are really bored.
Besides that I would change the tranny fluid to synthetic (I am assuming you have a manual transmission).
I would also do a fuel filter with a tune-up.
Have Fun

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Re: Simple Question (Moosar)

Others have posted, here goes anyway;
flush brake fluid - I use Castrol LMA (dot 4)
new fuel filter
O2 sensor, if history is unknown
fresh transaxle oil - I like Red Line, call them for the exact application
oil & filter change
Happy wrenching,
fat biker
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