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My 1983 Rabbit has stains/damage on the paint from what was likely boil over/spray from the coolant reservoir. PO didn't attempt to clean up the mess. Most of the stains are in the engine bay, but there are a few runs on the fender. I've been cleaning the engine bay and it is looking good aside from those areas. I've used water and Dawn dish soap and spray 9 for the really oily areas. It's a diesel so it was all really oily. Some of the residue cleaned up. The stains seem to disappear when wet so I think that is a good sign.

Can these stains be removed without damaging the paint? How would you approach it?

My car's paint is Sandstone Metallic. I've been reading about single stage paint and found this. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/2014/11/28/detailing-tips-for-vintage-single-stage-paint
I've cleaned and clay barred the fender. I'm guessing the Meguir's #7, and a wax, will hide the run just like when it is wet. But, I'd like to remove as much of the damage as possible first.


These pictures were taken before I did any cleaning.




I'll post more recent photos later.
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