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Single Wiper conversion!! Help!!

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Everyone, I need some help(in more ways then 1).
But I'm looking into doing the single wiper conversion with the Sirocco rear wiper motor. Is that what I need? and also what else do I need to take from that rear hatch? since I have total access to it.
Any and all replies, much appreciated!!
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Re: Single Wiper conversion!! Help!! (REDJETTAMK2)

using the hatch motor is new on me, i used the single wiper linkage from an early scirocco.
Re: Single Wiper conversion!! Help!! (REDJETTAMK2)

yeah, i used the linkage from the front of a scirocco combined with my own motor
see this thread.. http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=238484
Re: Single Wiper conversion!! Help!! (REDJETTAMK2)

yeah. I've never heard of anyone using a rear hatch motor for te front. My guess it will not work, due to motor size/strengt and all.
Goto http://home.online.no/~kseland/diy_mods.htm to figure the mono wiper out.
It has some good instructions http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: Single Wiper conversion!! Help!! (MattTheFatCat)

sweet, I checked out those links, by the way thanks everyone for the replies,
I thinks me gonna go with the cutting and welding. Just get me a few extras from the wreckers just in case, and go from there. Also what wiper arm did you guys use? From a Mk2 or a different vehicle? and also how many inches is the wiper blade?
Thanks again, Everyone is so much help!!!! The best, simply the best!!!!
MK2 forever!!!!!
Re: Single Wiper conversion!! Help!! (REDJETTAMK2)

i took a scirocco arm as well.. hammered it totally straight, cut a few inches off, bent a new hook onto the end.. and BAM, straight arm.
length is 16.5 inches.. with a 20" blade on it.
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Re: Single Wiper conversion!! Help!! (REDJETTAMK2)

If you hammer the factory arm staright you can use the factory blade. Mine goes right to the top if the windshield. Just heat up the kink and hammer it straight. That simple!
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