Thanks to the rumors that Skoda might be coming to America, it’s time to bone up on some brand history so that you can impress your friends with your knowledge of the Czech car maker.

While it may not be chapter one in the Skoda history book, the vRS chapter is the most exciting and it’s now celebrating its 15 th anniversary.


vRS is Skoda’s go-fast line, and it all started, in the land of Queens and trumpets, the UK, way back in 2001, with the Octavia vRS Mk1. Not only was the Mk1 the most powerful and expensive Skoda ever produced, it was also the fastest, reaching a top speed of 146 mph.

Naturally, the Octavia vRS Mk1 was instant hit in the land of bees and plum pits and in 2003, the Fabia vRS Mk1 joined in the fun.

This 130hp, 1.9L turbodiesel Fabia impressed automotive enthusiasts not with its power, but with its 230 lb-ft of torque. Two years later, it was time to replace the Octavia vRS.


The Skoda Octavia vRS Mk2 launched in 2005 and it became the first ever Skoda to make 200 PS (197hp). In 2011, the Mk2 sought to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the vRS brand, and so went to the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Hitting 227.080 the Octavia vRS Mk2 from the land of keys and sump pits set the record for 2.0L forced injection production cars, a record that stands to this day.


Now, the UK has the Octavia vRS Mk3, first released in 2013. The latest Mk has the broadest range of engines ever in a vRS and puts out up to 225hp. Now 20% of all Octavias sold in the UK are vRSs and nearly 50,000 have been sold since 2001.

It’s a rich history that’s only getting richer and hopefully some day, one that America can join in.