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Skully's Ohio Beef Project (Big Turbo)

We all can do with a little beef in our lives...

Factory Spec's
2010 GTI 2 Door
Deep Black Pearl
6 Speed Manuel Transmission
Sunroof Package
Xenon Headlights
Dynaudio Premium Sound
18" Detroits

OEM and Euro Modifications:
OEM Euro Light Switch
OEM Noise Pipe Delete
OEM GTI Monter Mats Kit
OEM Front Lip Spoiler (In transit)
OEM Golf R LED Taillights With Rear Fog Light

Non-OEM Modifications
LED Wholesalers Red LED Footwell Lights
LowerThanZimmy Sticker (Not Installed)
FasterThenZimmy Sticker (Not Installed)
DBP Colormatched Sidemarkers by [email protected]
GTI Seat Inserts (Not Installed)
APR/Carbonio Intake Stage I and II
APR 3" RSC Turbo Back Exhaust
CiM vented mount boost gauge #1
Southbend Stage 3 Endurance Kit
BFI Stage 1 Motor and transmission Mounts
APR Front Mount Intercooler
Integrated Engineering Connecting Rods, 0.01" oversized calico coated rod bearings
Peloquin LSD
Big Turbo

VAGCOM Tweaks:
Windows Up/Down Via Remote
Wiper Sweep In Reverse Disabled
DRL's Set To Off
Emergency Brake Warning Activated
Fog Lights Remain On With High Beams

Diesel Geek Sigma 6 SS
KW V2 coilovers
OEM Euro Dash Cubby
OEM Underseat Storage Drawer - Driver Side

2011 Show Season:
Motorstadt 8: June 11th
H2Oi 14

Jeff, Jon, and James @ HS Tuning
Arin and Evan @ APR
Matt @ Bolt Industries
Minh @ Concepts in Motion
Greg @ Detailed Image
My friends and family

Night #1:

Pictures people took at Motorstadt 7:

First mod

Her first day of school

September 19th we tossed on the APR intake and APR stage 2 chip (valet, 93, & 100oct)

November...APR RSC

Fun with a turbo R32...

Here was my first dyno session on 93 octane fuel and file on APR Stage 1 back in November/December 2010. (I never had a stock baseline :()
Mods at the time:
Carbonio/APR Stage 1 intake, Noisepipe delete, and forge diverter valve spacer.

93 Octane tune: average of 232whp and 267.6wtq


Fast forward to January and 23 dyno runs later in various gears, as well as 93 and 100 octane fuel and tunes (unleaded 100octane Sunoco 260 GT was used).

The following dyno runs were conducted on a Dynojet Dyno (same dyno as above) at about 53°F and 22% Humidity.

Current installed mods:
APR Stage 2 software, Full Carbonio/APR intake, APR 3" Turbo Back Exhaust, Noisepipe delete, and forge diverter valve spacer.

93 Octane tune: 247.86whp and 275.72wtq (I need to call the dyno shop and get them to send me the file with the Torque curve since it was left off accidentally while printing the graph)



100 Octane tune: average of 262whp and 312wtq

details 1
details 2

100 octane video:

video of 6th gear pull on 93 octane. top speed 169mph. 242whp and 284wtq

100 octane valet mode dyno run:

DIY Sunday...2-06-2011

So Euro, it's "Assembled in Mexico"

side by side

sun visor diy: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?4791409
use 91% Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) or straight up acetone.

my pictures:

after removal

getting remainder of glue off

visor #2

visors side by side showing remainder of glue

I also finally got around to installing Red LED's in the footwell light locations. No pictures yet.

Late March....

Somewhat here my MK6 under the bridge, bit overshadowed by the Turbo R32

Beginning of April:
10k mile service done today along with TPMS and BCM update


Death of a GoPro Case and Mount

Testing out the Foam Gun...

April 18th~ish

Cellphone pics:

APR FMIC was larger than expected ;)


Shopping cart...

Color matched...

5/07/2011 (Thanks Kelsie)

5/11/2011 aka my Birthday
This showed up 1 week early


from 5/16/2011

Doing work...

Facebook Video of the BT running:

LED tails received and installed 6/21/2011

6/26/2011 Fully broken in...

Received and installed my APR boost tap yesterday.

+/- 5 PSI :eek:
8/28/2011 (+/- a few days)
Then this:
Nothing like having a motor mount fail...

BFI stage 1 passenger motor mount. The shaft is actually bent as well. I have a bunch of pictures.
About 2,500 miles on it.


Old sad broken stage 1 motor mount left (semi-disassembled) new happy stage 2 motor mount right.
Wheels showed up today (technically yesterday, but wasn't there to sign for them).
O.Z. wheels made for Sparco. 17"x7.5. Tires are 225 /45R17 Hoosier Drag Radials

stock 18" wheel and tire ~50lbs
Sparco wheel and Hoosier ~36lbs
=28 lbs of rotational weight saved
@ APR booth during H20i 2011

Arin Ahnell - APR, LLC.

Arin Ahnell - APR, LLC.

- VW USA (facebook)

HS Tuning Cat-less mid pipe made of 304L tubing. Weight savings of 4lbs over my catted mid pipe. I'll be using this for track sessions :thumbup:

Stock Fueling on APR calibration.
No watermeth injection. No nitrous.

Old calibration: RunFile_025.drf - 7/26/2011 8:08:51 PM Run Conditions: 89.85°F, 29.13 in-Hg, Humidity: 22%
Newer calibration:RunFile_028.drf - 10/5/2011 8.04:51 PM Run Conditions: 75.69°F, 29.54 in-Hg, Humidity 29%

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