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Hey guys so I'm on the last steps of getting my car running again and after I put my new cam chain tensioner, vvt actuator, and chain on I noticed I have a tiny bit of slack in the chain on the bottom end. I noticed the same thing on the old setup too but I thought it was just because the guide had broken. When I drove it last I didn't get any codes saying I was out of time and it ran smooth. The reason I even noticed the guide was broken was because I got the damn oil pressure warning and dropped the pan to check the pump which was good. But I did see a bunch of guide bits floating around so I knew the tension must have gone. I think it happened because a chunk of vacuum pump got dislodged and made a mess in the chain housing. But back to my problem. Why would there be slack in the bottom end of the chain? Everything looked to be in time when I set it to tdc. Is this ok to throw back together and drive on?
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