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I'm getting a noise from the driverside rear brake. I thought it was a stigking caliper. Last night I pulled the wheel, checked it out and everything seemed ok except that it seemed that the pads were frozen. I bought new rotors, pads and a caliper too. The rotors are fine, same thickness as the new ones so I left the old ones. The pads were half worn so I replaced them. After everything was cleaned and I lubed up the bracket where the pads sit, I put it all back together. We checked the caliper for movement when the pedal is depressed. You can see it clamp the rotors and then release, so I left the caliper alone. When the vehicle is up in the air though and you spin the rear tires you hear a slight drag on the rotor. I know that with disc brakes one of the pads is pretty much touching the rotor at all times. Should I hear a slight drag on the rotor? I can spin it freely. Also I hear it when I am driving slightly at low speeds. Any thoughts?

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