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small bumpered fella's. let our power combine!

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anyway.im goin nuts with this transparent spray stuff. since the tails came out so nice im going to color match the sides markers. go them out easy. i also DID get the transparent black window tint to spray the fronts. BUT... im having a problem. there is no screw showing on my front markers to take them out. they seem tucked behind the bumper. are they? do i actually have to take it off? the bently says NO! but i'm thinking yea. i see a nut behind it but cant see screw on the front of the turn signal. need input fast!
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Re: small bumpered fella's. let our power combine! (eastcoastdubs)

I think you hafta reach around and do something from the back. I used to have US spec smalls... where's that barfy logo when you need it

Don't get me wrong, I like the euro smalls, but the US ones are hideous
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Re: small bumpered fella's. let our power combine! (estus)

if your refering to the turn signals in the bumper you gonna have to remove the bumper i tried to just take the lenses out when upgrading to BB but ended up braking them so they would come out from behind the bumper
good luck
Re: small bumpered fella's. let our power combine! (eastcoastdubs)

Just so you know, there are actually 2 kinds of North American small front bumpers.
I have the one where you can see the entire turnsignal and the screw is visible 1/4 of the way into the signal lense itself.. to take it out, undo the screw, light pops out..
It sounds like you have the other kind.. where the screw is on a triangle shaped tab at the end of the signal light.. which happens to be hidden behind the bumperskin.. so you gotta pull the skin off before you can undo the screw
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