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small pulley!!!!!

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ummmm i got a hold of some european tuners and supposedly they gave me the trick to run a G-Ladder with a 45mm pulley so now i wanna try it out and see what it does but come to think about it, how in the hell will i fuel that? my first thought was 42lb injectors but then still, what about the digi, can it fuel that much boost efficiently?
(since i got roasted the last time i tried to even mention "45mm" now i've got a brand new full body 9 layer kevlar flame proof suit
, so enjoy flaming me, it won't work
but anyway what are your thoughts on fueling that kind of boost?
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Re: small pulley!!!!! (RedFuFuG60)

45 mm...hmm. If 78 is 10, 68 is 15, 58 is 20, 48 is 25, that makes about 26, 27 psi of boost? At least this engine is 8:1, it should be fine. You'll probably have to get an in-line fuel pump and huge ass injectors.
Re: small pulley!!!!! (sold on expense)

the question is can you run that much heat from the g60 (read inefficient type of boost) and octane to keep the motor from grenading??
Digi-1 has powered a few cars into the 300bhp range.
I know we got them 48#'ers for mr watts monster and by god they are gonna work

Too bad you live so far away. We did code a chip for gruvenauto's 3bar digi-1 ecu a while back. I posted the datalog printout showing how the boost sensor was only reaching about 60% of its total output (15-17psi~ish).
BBM makes a similar map sensor modification as well, but well err, you gonna run some 114 octane leaded gas and strap that head down with a big ass FMIC to cool the hot air.
Just because you spin it fast, doesn't mean it makes more good boost.
Now strap that charger to a 2.1litre 16V solid-lifter ported cammedto hell and back with a nice fmic and you might have something

so whats the secret anyways? Did that MIT guy move to germany? j/k of course
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Re: small pulley!!!!! (mrkrad)

well why do you think i've got a burner and a bunch of flash chips?
the west coast sns testing facility is still alive and we've got a project on our hands that should be reaching you in a couple of days (that's a whole other conversation by itself), other than that, my frankenstein project should finaly be back on the road in a month or so. Now from what I understand, you are saying that i need my map sensor hacked up and a new chip from you guys, if so then that sounds like a good plan, but here's one thing, i'm trying to stay away from race fuel and what not, instead i'm still concidering my alcohol injection idea, yet you've never done chips for that sort of thing.

as to how to run a G-Ladder with a 45mm without exploding it, you mainly have to look @ rebuilds in a different way, there are certain parts in there that have to be replaced very often once you put that pulley on there, and some of the bearings will be upgraded from the OE ones. if you want more details about that part, i'll explain it to you in a more private matter.
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Re: small pulley!!!!! (RedFuFuG60)

good luck, i'd like to see it done
Re: small pulley!!!!! (Schnell-Corrado)

My G40 will run special high tech parts next year, with a 58 mm pulley reliable.
(do not know if should have mentioned this though, hush hush
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Re: small pulley!!!!! (RedFuFuG60)

If the goal is high boost with minimal lag, you could always do the SC -> turbo -> engine setup. Of course you need to rig the system so that at higher RPM's the SC input gets switched to straight air or you will starve the turbo. And to do that properly, you need a clutch on the G60, which has not been done (to my knowledge). However, some MB Eatons do come with cluched SC's, so that might be an option.
I wish I could just design race cars all day... IT is so borring
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Re: small pulley!!!!! (hallkbrd)

well you know i have a chip, never really used it (didn't have a reason) tuned for up to 28psi using a 3bar map sensor. So if you can make it, it can be controlled..
just not sure how the block and such is gonna take it. Gonna need something better than 91 octane to rock out that much boost even on 8:1
Re: small pulley!!!!! (mrkrad)

well i think if i boost that much, the block should be able to handle it if intake temp, combsution temps, and things of that sort are within safe limits.
Re: small pulley!!!!! (RedFuFuG60)

1) Will the charger acually acheive that much boost pressure? Many turbochargers can't make more than 23-25 psi (T25, T3).
2) Don't try that much pressure on a high mileage motor. Might be asking for trouble!
3) You will need much more than 91 octane to fight off detonation, as well as plugs ranged 3 or 4 (Bosch measurement).
4) The G-Lader produces oscillations within itself before it's factory recommended redline, and you know how many contact surfaces there are in that thing. Make sure you don't do anything to jolt the displacer at high RPM's (bounce the rev limit, miss a shift) or you're gonna nuke 1/2 a city block when that charger goes up in smoke!
I think you're nuts trying to almost triple the stock output from that thing...but kudos for actually trying!
Re: small pulley!!!!! (URIN 2ND)

there was a mk2 G60 golf here in toronto for sale..it had about 300hp(dont know at the wheels or crank)and 30psi...he was asking 20grand i think...dont know what happened to it tho
A guy I know at school claims to have run 3bar through his g60. He has shown me a piston out of his motor. It tells the story well. However, shortly after I helped him blue print the block and everything was in spec. the oiston melted like wax but didn't even score the cylinder wall. VW dub made a good block , I would be warry of the pistons. Also try molly piston rings, They seem to be great for high boost and nitrous.
Re: small pulley!!!!! (URIN 2ND)

hey sean
1) the charger will achieve that much preasure if it is a healthy charger.
2) the motor has about 30K and new pistons
3) this is the only problem right now, but what did you mean about the plugs range? i didn't understand those numbers
4) as well and extreme as i build them, that much and more i will have to be cautious.
yeah i'm nuts but i'll admit, i own quite a few G-Laders, i've never blown one (maybe it's time to) , so far almost every crazy charger we built has damaged an engine in one way or another if not blowing it, i think biborado (steve) has taken a coupld thousand miles out of his engine's life with one of these chargers, and that's just a high hope righ tnow, with all that his charger's still asking for more. @ this point my charger'll be the most extreme that's come out of Pine Valley AG's doors so i need to focus my concerns on the motor or i'll end up blowing 7 engines like my partner

I hate the fact that it will take me so long to get to put that magical pulley on the charger since i've gotta wait for fmic, custom ecu, methanol/water injection, custom chip, injectors, reinforced fuel lines, 2nd fuel pump, and the list goes on and on and on, god knows how long and how much it will take to get to throw the pulley on there but i'll do it and i'ma cross my fingers to be able to have it all under control. I know one thing though, no matter how it comes out, i'm going to dyno as soon as it's all put together before anything blows

keep the ideas coming guys, i'm finding more and more things that i was missing by reading all of your replys.
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