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smart ass service dept..

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i called my dealer today and they transfered my call to service dept..."My exhaust and intake have been making odd sounds... the exhaust is bogging down and my intake; when i open up the throtel is making a sucking sound".. the guy tells me to check to air box and make sure that is sealed correctly...i'm pretty sure that it was.. and then i explain the exhaust sound being stubborn... he says "i doubt it, but the intake is probably not sealed correctly"...how could he doubt it, i just told him what i have experienced
any one had a similar problem??...(with the exhaust, i know the service dept every where blows)
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Re: smart ass service dept.. (Duoflex)

yeah well when i took my car into the shop for a new headlight switch, cause mine stoped illuminating, they installed a gl switch on my glx, and then they tried to tell me taht all the switches are the same, when i told them i couldnt pull it out for fogs, they said, oh but you have no fog lights, i walked him around front and i was like tell me one more lie i am gonna hurt you, and he said oh sorry, and they got me a new switch, yeah the some service people are about as smart as a rat
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Re: smart ass service dept.. (jettagliboy)

I took the GTI in a said: "I'm getting water in the truck. It's coming in around the drivers tail light and getting on the monsoon amp. I think it's the seal". They say: "OK, we'll get the parts and call you". Fine. SO, I take the car back, leave it, pick it back up that night and of course.... it still leaks. Take it back and they say "yeah, we've gotta order a gasket for it too, we'll call ya when it get's here". So basically they replaced my perfectly good tail light (and billed VWOA top dollar for it) and didn't even think to replace the gasket that was never even on the car from the factory. Took it back. It's fixed and they billed top dollar for that too.
No big deal to me except the inconvienience but these guys are clearly milking VWOA for warranty work. VWOA should worry less about mods and get involved with these service guys. It'll end up making their product look bad. I don't get it.
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